Friday 20 November 2015

Style // Tuppence - Partners in crime

I love looking at period shows for fashion inspiration . . . . Cause who doesn't want to go round and solve mysterys in awesome hats? Life goals. 

I'm really drawn to the shapes and colours Tuppence wears on the recent BBC adaption of Partners in crime, Agatha Cristies Tommy and Tuppence books. 

Plus her hair really makes me want to cut mine again!!!

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Slow Fashion October // Introduction


October is my favourite month of the year, although the weather is still a bit too warm for my liking here! It seems like the perfect time for a new project, and Karen of Fringe Association has created a great one : Slow Fashion October. 

Now I am a couple of weeks late to the party so I am going to combine the some weeks together.

But first let me (re-)introduce myself: 
Where are you at with all this and what first got you interested in Slow Fashion?
It's only been the last couple of years that a handmade wardrobe has become more of a accessible reality for me, as my skills as a maker has grown. Along with that has come more of an awareness of how our society views consumerism. I have always loved buying secondhand clothes, the thrill of the find, the fact that you won't be wearing the same thing as anyone else. Fashion has always been a way for me to express myself, from a teenager buying second hand in charity shops, up to now. But making your clothes is the ultimate expression. I made a goal at the beginning of the year to try not to buy any clothes unless I really needed it. And for the most part I have managed to do it, I did buy some underwear and pyjamas :)

What are your skills?
I have always loved making things and have two talented grandmothers, one who is an awesome seamstress and one who is a very prolific knitter. Knitting came first when I was small and then I rediscovered it in my early teens. My mum always laughs as for the longest time I couldn't cast on and off and would get her to do it. About five years ago I knit my first garment, rather than a scarf or hat. Typically I didn't choose something easy but a long cardigan coat that took me two years to make!! Thankfully my knitting has gotten faster but that coat taught me something important, that when you make something and put a lot of time and effort into it, that item matters more. Not only is it unique but it is a reflection of you, your personality. 
What do you hope to get out of Slow Fashion October and what are your personal goals for the month?
I feel like my style is changing and growing as I get older. The styles that appealed to me when I was a teenager don't really feel right anymore. So I want to use this month to reassess my wardrobe and work to fill the holes. I am also really excited to learn more about where things come from, especially yarn.
Do you have a special project you plan to tackle this month?
I have been following Collete patterns wardrobe architect and it has really helped me to be more purposeful in my buying/making. It has helped me work out what shapes I like and the holes I have in my wardrobe. I had to get rid of a lot of clothes when I moved countries and although it forced me to purge I am left with a group of items that are not massively cohesive, so this month I want to make a few items that fill holes AND that I will love. I want to find a few patterns that fit me well and use them to make a small uniform that goes with the things I already own. 
Also I want to learn more about locally produced yarn and buy some to knit a jumper this winter.  

So what about you guys, are you joining in?

: Hello :


Well hello :)

Yes it's been over a year since I took an extended break from here space. It wasn't particularly intended, I just got a bit burnt out creatively and then you know, life.

A lot has happened to me in that year, crazy jobs, a big move relocating to Italy, and dealing with everything that comes with that. 

In the last six months I have had the mental and emotional energy to start playing with different things and I realised that I missed having this space to document and keep track of inspiration, and as a visual diary of where I am creatively. 

So here I am. No pressure. I don't intend to post 3 times a week. I don't plan to use this space as a means to promote myself creatively, or to make money. It is just my journal, for me and anyone else who might be interested. I really love reading blogs, it's one thing I do to chill out and recharge creatively, and if I can add anything to the positive inspiration out there then I will be happy.

Friday 23 May 2014

London Underground


I have lived in London for about 5 years now. 
Sometimes I love it, sometimes not so much.
 However there isnt anything that says London to me like the underground. So when I sawe these old posters floating around on Pinterest I felt like I had to do a quick post on them!

London 1963.

Its been a bit of a funny year for me so far. . . . .not in a bad way but just in a ''not quite sure whats going to happen in the future'' way.
It will all work out though, but until then I guess I wont be as present here as I was last year.
If anyone still reads this out there on the grand big blogsphere I will keep posting occasionally.
Until the next time however, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

Jess x

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Cycle Ladys

Alena Chandlers Blog Cycleslady, showcasing the beautiful women of Moscow and their bikes, has been inspiring me to get out on mine this spring! 
Although we will ignore the fact I look more like a sweaty mess when I cycle than these girls!!


Wednesday 26 March 2014

By Hand London Kickstarter

I am a massive fan of the By Hand London girls.
If you haven't heard of them before they are an independent sewing Pattern company based in my fair city of London.
They create not only beautiful silhouettes but very well drafted patterns, with lovely packaging and fully explained instructions.

Anna Dress - My current favourite :)

The girls are planning on expanding to having their own print-on-demand fabrics!!
Yes I can hear hear you all squealing for joy with me!!!

"By Hand London will be giving our customers the raw ingredients to make anything - from clothes, to homewares, to accessories - completely tailored to the individual’s style and taste."

They need our help to raise the funds by the 12th of April.
So head on over to the kickstarter page now and pledge what you can to get this amazing project up and running!!!

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Russian Matchboxes

Hello Friends.
Its been a while:)
January and February are best spent snuggled up watching films. I do tend to hibernate in the winter and I have decided this year that's OK!!
Anywho today the sun is shining and my brother saw a bumble bee the other day, which he reliably informs me means spring is on its way:)

My addiction to Pinterest continues. I got a little distracted the other day when I discovered the wonderful world of Russian Matchboxes:

Aren't they beautiful!! The colours are gorgeous, I would love to hang a couple of these as prints :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone:)

Jess x