Monday, 30 April 2012

So Yeah, things I love right now,take 2

Some of my favourite things at the moment:

1. Crochet Blankets - I have been pinning like crazy pictures of different crochet blankets, this one from cocorose is especially lovely. 
2. Letters - I love getting letters, my friends and I try to send each other ones as often as possible which is great as a few of us live quite far away from each other. I have been collecting inspiration for my letters recently as I think I could be a little more creative with my offerings:) studiomeez is a great source.
3. Raincoats - Need a nice raincoat like this because it has truly been april showers/downpours here in the Uk the last week. Nice and simple with some wellies.
4. Seth Cohen- I have been reminding myself why I fell in love with this man all those years ago:) 
5. Matt Wisniewski - Just beautiful images, quite haunting some of them. I dont think I have seen more beautiful double exposure work.See more of his work here.
6. This photo - Taken by Elliott Erwitt of Robert & Mary frank in Valence, Espagne. 1952.  just love the feel of this photo, intimate and real. Can look at it for hours.
7. This Dress - Sadly too small for me, but I am planning a Jess version for this summer hopefully:)

What have you been loving lately?
Hope you had a lovely weekend, and Happy Monday!

Monday, 23 April 2012


We have been back from Italy a week now and I am decidedly Italy-sick.
We had such a amazing time, met some lovely people, ate some incredible food and saw some history.

I really love Naples city. I had heard before we went from some Italian friends of mine that people either love or hate it, but I thought it was really cool. It had a raw energy with its narrow streets with loads of people, washing hanging everywhere, graffiti covering the walls. I could have wondered the streets of the old town for hours.

And Pompei was impressive. Its massive, You forget that it was a town before the eruption, and a rich one at that.
I always suffer a bit from Post Holiday Blues but this time it was quite strong, I think its partly because we made some really amazing friends while we were there who looked after us, and where real kindred spirits.
I am trying to sort my life out today, get back into the swing of things, catch up on my blog-reader and hopefully do some designing for P.S later:)

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend:)
Happy Monday.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Ahhh April, the time of year all the flowers come out:)
I have been craving some blooms the last few days, I think I may just have to treat myself! I am rather excited today because tomorrow I am heading south to Italy for a few weeks with friends:) I am looking forward to the Pizza, Gelato and the sea! So I will be a bit quiet the next few weeks but will be back soon recharged and full of inspiration I am sure.
For Sunday Music this week I have not just one song but many! Discovered This Fleet Foxes tumbler this week and its awesome. Loads of random covers done in the beautiful fleet foxes way:) Especially love the version they have done of Phil Collins In the air tonight! So please check it out if you want some nice Sunday listening.
Happy Sunday everyone and I will see you in a few weeks:)