Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Film Fashion - Sleeping Murder

I have been watching a LOT of Agatha Christie recently. . . .I blame Netflix. 
Its the costumes that call to me most of all, they are full of beautiful 30's/40's clothes. 
I would love to raid the costume wardrobe of most of them!
 Some of the old 80's Miss Marples' are awesome, and where made before I was born!!! 
One especially stood out, called Sleeping Murder. A story of a young bride, who when moves into a country manor, long repressed childhood memories of witnessing a murder come to the surface.
Its the outfits of the main girl that really stood out to me, plus her husband Giles. . . .what a man:)
Its my first ever attempt at screen shots so you will have to excuse the poor quality as my poor little netbook doesn't really like 80's dramas!

First up a nice blue dress. Ok so the colours aren't the most dynamic I have ever seen, but did you notice the details?? I wish every dress I owned had a scalloped neck line and sleeves!

I think this is my favourite outfit of all. A pretty white and blue summer tea dress, again with lovely details around the neck line, this time cut outs. And as I have told you all before I am a sucker for hats at the moment, and this blue one is a beauty. Plus I love how she matches her pearl necklace to her hat pin:) 

A pretty white blouse with a beige mid length pencil skirt, and another lovely hat. Perfect for giving off an innocent air whilst sleuthing.

I wish I could have got some better shots of this one, but the characters keep moving!! How inconsiderate. . . this is my second favourite outfit and has made me want to get a mid length white skirt for summer. I'm not sure if you can see, but it buttons down on the right side with covered buttons. Plus the blue knit jumper with cute polka dot yoke is something I would love to try and copy, need to try and find a pattern:) It all tied together with the red accessories is a big win.

The lovely hat strikes again, this time with a nice hair do, snappy black and white pin stripe pencil suit, and handsome hubby on her arm.

For the final scene my favourite summer dress in back with a nice straw hat. You can see in the final shot a better look at the back  where there seems to be some sought of bustle over the bum area, another interesting detail.

What have you been watching recently? anything fashion inspiring?

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fashion Hero - Peggy Guggenheim

From August 1939 to April 1940 Peggy Guggenheim writes: “Having plenty of time and all the museum’s funds at my disposal, I put myself on a regime to buy one picture a day.” When finished, she had acquired ten Picassos, forty Ernsts, eight Mirós, four Magrittes, three Man Rays, three Dalís, one Klee, one Wolfgang Paalen and one Chagall among others…

Peggy Guggenheim, a collector of art, friend of the talented people. A legend in her own right. She sounds like someone I would have liked to meet, hang out with and possibly steal her awesome glasses collection. 

So as the first of my personal Fashion Hero's to be featured on here the blog, I went out into London town to the Man Ray exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, dressed inspired by Peggy.

The exhibit is pretty awesome, I would recommend if you are a fan of portrait photography, especially from the 1920's.

I thought it was quite fitting as one of my favourite Man Ray photos is of Peggy herself:)

Definitely check it out if you in and around london.

Happy Saturday Lovelys!!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Pink Sunshine on Being Elliott

The beautiful Brynn from Being Elliott has featured the Pink Sunshine
Bee Hexagon Necklace on her blog today:)
She has styled the necklace beautifully and wore it to NYFW!
Pop over here to see it in full glory and also to read a little interview with me:)

Happy Thursday everyone!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Favourite D-I-Y's

Sunday is a good day for making things. 
I tend to have Sundays as my chill day and always end up digging out some craft or other, today its knitting:)
But I thought I would share some of my favourite D-I-Y tutorials that are gracing the cyber space at the moment. 

This Bracelet- I love how simple this jewellery is and how cool it looks. Would love to try this with other tools. . . .can you imagine spanners hanging off a necklace??

This Kitten Bag is just adorable. Nuff said.

This garland- Is perfect for spring, which is just around the corner!! The sun is out today here in London so I am feeling decidedly spring like:)

This Scarf- I LOVE stars, bit of a constellation Geek too, so this scarf is awesome. I have been meaning to play with fabric printing for a while now and this looks like it shall be first on my list:)

Hope the rest of you lovelies are having a nice Sunday too, I'm off to have some food now as I'm starving and there is a smell of fry-up in the air:)

Friday, 15 February 2013

So yeah, things I love right now - Take 5


1. This cake recipe- I made this Earl Gray Chocolate Cake the other day with friend, and YES it is amazing:)
2. This photo- By Marcin Ryczek in Poland.
3. Ballet - This photo reminds me how much I love ballet
4. Miss Marple - I am having a bit of a Agatha Christie week this week, re watching a load of the old episodes and have found myself dressing more and more like her. . . unlikely fashion icon:)
5. Hats - Oh dear, my hat addiction just doesn't seem to be going away, it seems to be getting worse!! I blame Marple slightly.
6. This Print - the truest thing I've heard in a long time:)

I hope you all have wonderful plans for the weekend, which hopefully involve Unicorns.
Happy Friday:)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Musical Sundays - Jack Penate

I love Jack Penate.

I have done ever since I first saw him live when I was about 16, and his happy songs danced their way into my heart. He sang the beautiful My Yvonne with the then unknown Adele.
 And then his second album was totally different. 
The awesome Pull my heart away, was the song of my Brazil trip 2 years ago.
And then. . . . . . . .nothing :(
Then today I realised I totally missed the song above.
Its lovely.Perfect for a wet Sunday.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Winter winds litter London with lonely hearts

Its funny, sometimes I forget where I live.
Not literally wondering the streets looking for my house (!),
But not appreciating living in London.
Its pretty awesome really, and I am trying to make sure I show it some love because I know I'm not going to live here forever. 
So when I went into town a few weeks ago, when it was still cold and snowy I took some shots to try and help me remember:)
I hope you all have lovely plans for the weekend, I am taking a bit of time off studying to see some friends I haven't seen for a while. Dancing is definitely on the cards, along with dressing up and good food:) 
Happy Friday everyone!