Friday, 15 February 2013

So yeah, things I love right now - Take 5


1. This cake recipe- I made this Earl Gray Chocolate Cake the other day with friend, and YES it is amazing:)
2. This photo- By Marcin Ryczek in Poland.
3. Ballet - This photo reminds me how much I love ballet
4. Miss Marple - I am having a bit of a Agatha Christie week this week, re watching a load of the old episodes and have found myself dressing more and more like her. . . unlikely fashion icon:)
5. Hats - Oh dear, my hat addiction just doesn't seem to be going away, it seems to be getting worse!! I blame Marple slightly.
6. This Print - the truest thing I've heard in a long time:)

I hope you all have wonderful plans for the weekend, which hopefully involve Unicorns.
Happy Friday:)

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