Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My 2011

I feel in a oddly reflective mood today, so I thought it was around that time for a 2011 round up :) This year has been a pretty exciting one for me, from my life-changing trip at the beginning of the year to Brazil, travelling with friends, meeting new ones:)

 Brazil January - March

Bank holiday weekend

 Paris - may

August - London and Isle of Wight

 Edinburgh - September




What will 2012 bring? hopefully more of the above: Good friends, good food and travels. 
I love how the new year always inspires me to look at my goals and aims and bring them back into focus. . . I've started writing so many lists they are coming out of my ears!!
What are you looking forward too in the new year? do you have any goals you want to achieve?

Friday, 16 December 2011

High flying birds

Some of the awesomeness in the web universe :

1. Free Japanese patterns Vis Grosgrain

2. More sewing inspiration with Zoes story, made me want to really get to grips with my sewing again:)

3. ' IN WHICH WE REFLECT ON BOOKS GIVEN TO US BY LOVED ONES' - wish I had thought of this tumblr :)

4. I know this d-i-y tutorial is a bit old, but the lack of sun has made me crave flower brightness. . . would look cute with a winter dress no? :)

5. Studio envy over at The makers, one day I will have work space like this!

Ps. come and have a look at My brothers you tube channel, Hes doing mince pie challenge. . . . join in here if you dare:)

Happy Friday!!