Friday, 16 December 2011

High flying birds

Some of the awesomeness in the web universe :

1. Free Japanese patterns Vis Grosgrain

2. More sewing inspiration with Zoes story, made me want to really get to grips with my sewing again:)

3. ' IN WHICH WE REFLECT ON BOOKS GIVEN TO US BY LOVED ONES' - wish I had thought of this tumblr :)

4. I know this d-i-y tutorial is a bit old, but the lack of sun has made me crave flower brightness. . . would look cute with a winter dress no? :)

5. Studio envy over at The makers, one day I will have work space like this!

Ps. come and have a look at My brothers you tube channel, Hes doing mince pie challenge. . . . join in here if you dare:)

Happy Friday!!


  1. cute post!


  2. Thanks hannah:) so much inspiration!
    Jess x