Wednesday, 26 March 2014

By Hand London Kickstarter

I am a massive fan of the By Hand London girls.
If you haven't heard of them before they are an independent sewing Pattern company based in my fair city of London.
They create not only beautiful silhouettes but very well drafted patterns, with lovely packaging and fully explained instructions.

Anna Dress - My current favourite :)

The girls are planning on expanding to having their own print-on-demand fabrics!!
Yes I can hear hear you all squealing for joy with me!!!

"By Hand London will be giving our customers the raw ingredients to make anything - from clothes, to homewares, to accessories - completely tailored to the individual’s style and taste."

They need our help to raise the funds by the 12th of April.
So head on over to the kickstarter page now and pledge what you can to get this amazing project up and running!!!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Russian Matchboxes

Hello Friends.
Its been a while:)
January and February are best spent snuggled up watching films. I do tend to hibernate in the winter and I have decided this year that's OK!!
Anywho today the sun is shining and my brother saw a bumble bee the other day, which he reliably informs me means spring is on its way:)

My addiction to Pinterest continues. I got a little distracted the other day when I discovered the wonderful world of Russian Matchboxes:

Aren't they beautiful!! The colours are gorgeous, I would love to hang a couple of these as prints :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone:)

Jess x