Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Steve for spring

There is something so spring/summer like about Steve Alans spring collection its just perfect for the week we have been having. 23 degrees in march you hear????? Mental . . .I'm not complaining though because I'm sure the UK weather will have its way with us and it will snow in august:) 
I have to say though that I have been taken unawares by the beautiful weather and do not feel very prepared clothe wise. I just love this collection, its simple, cute colours and shapes. 

Is the weather nice where you are?? Please share as there is nothing we brits like more than talking about the weather!!

Ps. Am just going out to see hunger games in a few minutes!!! Sooooooooooo excited, hope it lives up to the picture in my head:) May the odds be ever in your favour.
Happy wednesday!! :)

Friday, 23 March 2012

I'm Excited

Yes its out today and I am feeling like I am 13 all over again, THAT'S how excited I am about this film!!!!! 
I cant see it till next week because have a crazy weekend, but the suspense is killing me.Waaaaaa!!!
May the odds be ever in your favour :)
Happy friday!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Me myself and I

Isn't the internet amazing? 
Amazing and  little overwhelming at times, the amount of information, images and inspiration out there. I was feeling it this afternoon as I went online for a gander with my cup of tea. So I decided to stick to one medium, photography. And specifically self portraiture. I was brousing through my flicker favourites and came across this photo below again. The visionary behind it is a girl called Rachael Putt.

Almost 100% of her work are self portraits, often based on a specific project or theme, but all with herself as the focal point.This got me thinking of the nature of self portraits. I think you have to be quite brave. To be able to look at yourself objectively can be a tough thing sometimes and requires a honest and yes courageous attitude.

All images by Rachael Putt

I think I am going to give myself a challenge over the next month or so to take at least 10 self portraits. I find them difficult, which is why you wont find that many photos of me on this Blog, I get embarrassed looking at myself! So I think it will be good for me to push myself a bit:)
Have you ever set yourself something similar? to try something new? Please let me know if so, would love to hear about it:)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Knitspiration Vs Creation

I admit I have a bit of a problem. . . I spend countless hours every week looking at 'inspiration' on blogs and Pinterest. But does this inspiration ever actually produce anything? that's the big question. Does inspiration fulfil its purpose and turn into creation? 
I was asking myself this question a few weeks ago, and it made me evaluate a little bit, and thats why I have come up with this feature, hopefully to be a regular one :). Its mainly motivation  for me to get off my bum, as it where, and actually make something. 
So for my first ever Knitspiration Vs Creation I present. . . . the Ascot.

Inspiration :goodnightday and via grosgrain

I have loved the look of the Ascot for a long time. I looked for pattern about a year ago and didn't have any luck, and then last week out of the blue I stumbled across one Here!!! To say I was excited was a understatement, especially as I also had a big ball of Aran wool left over from my long cardigan project, perfect for a smaller stash busting project like this:)

I LOVE this pattern and think that I will need to make it in every colour! I wore it out this Sunday for a walk in the park and its just right for the slightly blustery spring week we are having.
Is there anything that you have been inspired by creatively recently?

Happy Tuesday:)

Ps. Cant get enough of Dry the rivers new album this week, and there is a awesome live version of Bible Belt Here :)

Friday, 16 March 2012


via Floddertje 

I am a vintage girl. I think that over the last few years this word has been thrown about a lot and its definitely 'IN' to be vintage. I however have always loved the 40's and 50's, one the culture of it but also how these styles are the ones that suit my body best. The clothes back then were made to show off a woman's body to its best.
I adore those girls that have the confidence to dress fully vintage with a specific era in mind, I look to these girls for inspiration. I tend to give it a bit of a more relaxed modern twist, so although I will wear the red lipstick my hair is too short to go the whole hog and do the victory rolls. I like it this way, and thats exactly what came to mind when I saw blooming leopolds spring lookbook.

All found at the bloomingleopold shop

The nice weather we have been having makes me want to bare my legs finally!
Hope everyone has had awesome week and as a very dear friend often says. . . . . .lets do the Friday dance!!!:)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

So today. .

I'm getting very excited about the idea of finally making my terrarium, I have wanted one ever since seeing Penelope and after receiving this book (and reading This post by Strawberry Moth) I think I am ready to delve into the magical small world of Terrariums:) 

This is the view out of my window this afternoon, the sun is out, the birds are singing and there is a nice soft breeze. I love spring.

My two knitting projects go together quite nicely don't you think?! The one on the left is this jumper, but its taking me ages, and needs a lot of concentration, so I wanted something fun and easy to just pick up. Will show you what it is when its done. . . . do you ever have more than one project on the go? knitting or otherwise!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

P.S. Florence was AMAZING by the way!!! She had a string orchestra, choir and full band including harp and yet she still managed to be note perfect the whole way through.. . . . .and she was wearing a CAPE!! I want to marry her:)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Florence how I love thee:)

I am SO excited, she's been on my must see list for a couple of years now and tonight is the night.
Florence welsh such a beaut. I have been toying with the idea of doing my hair this red. . . .hmmmm.

Happy friday everyone:)

P.S - Its my hundredth post today, that's pretty impressive even if I do say so! :)

Monday, 5 March 2012

Alex Love

Ahhh blur. . . .four lads with attitude and messy hair.
Who knew that Alex James would turn into such a good looking dapper gent. .. .  .with messy hair:)

The Spring collection from Aubin and Wills is almost too cool, with Alex and Irina, beautiful clothes, and lovely photography. 
All Via Miss Moss

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, and happy monday:)

Friday, 2 March 2012


Photographer: Yours truly
Jewellery: All Pink Sunshine
Model: Izzie

All now available at the Pink Sunshine Shop :)