Monday, 24 December 2012

Packing - Ta Ta for now:)


So This time tomorrow I will be in sunny Africa!!!!!! Its been a mental few weeks for me and its only today as I start packing that I am starting to get excited:) I am visiting a friend for a few weeks in Ghana and its come at the right time, I am ready for a change of scenery to shake me up a bit:)
That's the thing I really love about travelling, when you step back from your comfortable surroundings it helps you put your priority's in order.

Anywho I hope all you lovelies have a good time over the holidays and I will see you in 2013!!!
Whoop Whoop!

BackArt Project

So I have really talented friends:) 
One such friend the AMAZING Jullyane took these photos for her Back Art Project a few months ago:)
I am only just getting around to posting them now so my back garden is looking a little less sunny autumn and more winter gray!!

P.S. Also Sara from Chalk White Arrow is modelling her Chevron necklace over on her blog today:)

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Monday, 17 December 2012

So yeah, things I love right now - Take 4

1. This Food- I have eaten this sweet potatoey goodness 2 times in the last few weeks and boy does it hit the spot!! Just Yum.
2. This Film- Mondays Movie night has been pretty 90's heavy recently, starting off with my favourite '10 things'.
3. This Poster-I actually believe this to be true, all great evil masterminds are fuelled by tea. Only I wouldn't be an evil mastermind. I would let everyone take the winters off and have giant Duvet parties where we could all snuggle and watch Wez Anderson films, or possibly even period dramas.
4. This Coat - Stella Jean's winter collection is so inspiring. Especially because this time next week I am going to be winging my way to AFRICA!!!!!! Yes its epic, and yes I am excited:) I am hoping to find some amazing fabric to make pencil skirts and swing coats with.
5.This Reminder- I forget sometimes to do this and get too focused on the future to think about the present.Must stop that.
6.This Song- I was searching for it for about a hour today. I had a vague memory of a song played on a impulse advert that was really soulful and beautiful, but took me a age to find it. Here it is, please take a minute to listen to Vera Hall, or Mama as I like to refer to her.

I hope you are all staying out of the cold and have not succumbed to illness as I have:( 
Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Black and white


There is something about Black and White photography that really captures me. 
Its so atmospheric and yet seems very natural, true.
One of my goals for a long time has to be to take more black and white photos and I think its time to dust off my camera and focus on snapping more:)

Don't forget to come over to Blooming Leopold and enter the giveaway:)

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Giveaway at Blooming Leopold

The very Beautiful and Talented Clothes Designer/Blogger Lauren of Blooming Leopold is holding a         give-away of the Pink Sunshine Chevron necklace HERE today:)
All you have to do is comment on the post saying how you would wear the necklace, or pick your favourite Pink Sunshine piece. 
Also if you want a extra entry share the post on Twitter, Facebook or Blog.
Phew!!! And to top all that off I am offering 20% discount with the coupon: PinkLeopold just cause I love ya all so much :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone:)

Monday, 3 December 2012

Anne Siems

Word cannot really describe how I feel when I look at Anne Siems paintings. 
I just want to stare at them for hours. 

Anne Siems, inspired a lot by 'By illustrations from medical and botanical books' , somehow creates something quite magical in my opinion:) 

Go take a look at her portfolio when you want to spend a while transported to a magical Tudor like land. 
I hope you all had a cool weekend, I had a busy one and so am recovering today:)
Happy Monday everyone!!