Monday, 17 December 2012

So yeah, things I love right now - Take 4

1. This Food- I have eaten this sweet potatoey goodness 2 times in the last few weeks and boy does it hit the spot!! Just Yum.
2. This Film- Mondays Movie night has been pretty 90's heavy recently, starting off with my favourite '10 things'.
3. This Poster-I actually believe this to be true, all great evil masterminds are fuelled by tea. Only I wouldn't be an evil mastermind. I would let everyone take the winters off and have giant Duvet parties where we could all snuggle and watch Wez Anderson films, or possibly even period dramas.
4. This Coat - Stella Jean's winter collection is so inspiring. Especially because this time next week I am going to be winging my way to AFRICA!!!!!! Yes its epic, and yes I am excited:) I am hoping to find some amazing fabric to make pencil skirts and swing coats with.
5.This Reminder- I forget sometimes to do this and get too focused on the future to think about the present.Must stop that.
6.This Song- I was searching for it for about a hour today. I had a vague memory of a song played on a impulse advert that was really soulful and beautiful, but took me a age to find it. Here it is, please take a minute to listen to Vera Hall, or Mama as I like to refer to her.

I hope you are all staying out of the cold and have not succumbed to illness as I have:( 
Happy Monday everyone!

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