Monday, 30 September 2013


I have for the last few weeks been teaching a knitting class for a college called The Institute.
It sounds a bit like a place for cuckoo people, but actually is a lovely college that run fun and creative courses.
As I have been planning the course one of the best things is that I have been gathering inspiration from all over the place for my own knitting projects!!
Here are a couple of the things inspiring me this season:

Bobble hats
The humble hat is a awesome beginners project, especially if you want to have a go at knitting on circular needles. I also like to have a few small projects on the go so that when I get bored or frustrated with the jumper I am making which is taking me 50 years, I can just hop over and finish a nice hat. 

Cabled Jumpers
I LOVE cables. Always have, they really do everything for me. Especially in thick wool, cosy:) But I especially love how they don't always have to be the traditional jumper that your nan knits you. Add some Ombre effect, colour blocking or take it a bit off kilter and you have something new and fresh for the cable.

Some of the projects I see on my travels across the internet I just want to touch. Texture is inspiring, whether created by stitches or even the right combination of colours.

So what's inspiring you guys?
Have you started some A/W projects yet?

All pictures from my Knitspiration Pinterest Board.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday Music - London Grammar

Some lovely music for your Sunday.
We saw this talented trio at this years Great Escape where they were virtually unknown, and I was blown away by lead singer, Hannah Reid, BEAUTIFUL voice.
Now 6 months later they have a number 2 album here in the UK!!

I hope you are all having a chilled Sunday, mine so far has consisted of Tea and Morse:)
That's what makes Sunday my favourite day.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Princess and the giraffe

I fell in love with these photos of Princess Margaret that I saw on Miss Moss and had to share some!!

She was on a tour of east Africa, and took the time to see some of the local wild life, as you do:)

How incredible were her hats??!
I love her glasses too, she sure knew how to accessorise!!

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a great weekend planned!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A/W13 Collection Inspiration

Today I wanted to share some of the inspiration behind the new pieces in the shop.

For this collection I was really inspired by:

Warm colours - Plum, Tan, Rose, colours that are found in nature and evoke the sense of warmth.
Folk Designs - As always I am inspired by the Scandinavian patterns and aesthetic especially in their folk designs. 
Nature - especially textures, woodland creatures and nature drawings like the ones of the moths above. I love moths:)
English Heritage - Tweed, Manor houses, Tea and everything else to do with the history of the nation I live in.

I really enjoyed making this collection. I can always tell that when I seem to be wearing the pieces non stop!!
It is small, but I am proud of it and it came together easily.
 I will be adding bits and pieces as the winter goes on so keep your eyes peeled:)
We had fun shooting a bit of a look book as well for Pink Sunshine and also my new project Sky & Sea, which is a mens accessory range! 
I am so excited to share this with you all and that's what I will be focusing on for the next couple of months, getting that up and running. 
Happy Tuesday everyone:)

Him: Sky & Sea  Her: Pink Sunshine

Monday, 23 September 2013

New Pink Sunshine A/W13 Collection

Hello my lovelies:)
Finally I am very excited to introduce the new Pink Sunshine A/W Pieces!!

Pink and Tan House Necklace

Purple and Gray House Necklace

Tweed Tapestry Necklace

 Pink and Gray Collar Pin

 Orange Triangle Geometric Hair Grips

 Blue Bow Hair Slides

 Pink and Purple Hair Bow Hair Grip

I will be doing a post tomorrow on my inspiration for this collection, but please come over to the shop to check them all out!!

Happy Monday everyone:)

P.S: Make sure you sign up for the Pink Sunshine Newsletter to get exclusive offers!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

A/W style Inspiration

As the season gets cooler I turn to Pinterest to get some A/W style inspiration.
And if my folder is anything to go by I am inspired by:

Layers - and lots of them, the more the better:)
 Pencil Skirts - in wool fabrics and jewel colours
Collars - Fur or textured on coats and jackets 

What is inspiring your look this season?


Thursday, 12 September 2013



Autumn is the time of colours, warmth, hot chocolate, stationary, blankets, and new goals.

1. Cook more - I have hundreds of recipes in my Yum folder on Pinterest and never try any of them. So I want to try at least one every week:)
2. Exercise - Again I have let this go a bit recently and its not good, I want to find a fun dance class in my area and get moving again!
3. Stick with the sewing - I was on a sewing roll over the summer and want to keep that going. Some nice dresses in wool sound like fun!!
4. Read - When I was a child I used to read about 10 books a week. . . .and that's only because that was the librarys limit!! I don't know why I don't make ore time to read any more. Turn off the computer/TV/mobile phone and just read. That's my goal:)

Do you guys have any goals this season??


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Why didn't they ask Evans

I feel the summer slipping away from us this week.
And again I am caught talking about the weather on this blog!! 
I blame my nationality. English people cant help it, they really can't!
I realised I never shared these screen shots with you, from another Miss Marple - Why didn't they ask Evans.
The main heroine wears some delightful outfits :)  

I am busy at work on the Autumn Pink Sunshine collection, and will be sharing some of my inspiration with you all later this week! 
But until then happy Tuesday everyone!