Sunday, 14 July 2013

Film Style - Long Hot Summer

I watched The Long Hot Summer a few weeks ago and fell in love with the way Joanne dresses!
And I thought it was appropriate this balmy hot summer eve to share these screen shots I took.

I love this black dress SO much, its just the most beautiful shape, I love the neckline, the way its tight around the waist and the length is just perfect. I don't have a LBD in my wardrobe and think I may have to fix that!

 This dress is lovely too, a nice button down cotton dress, with a cute belt to clinch it in, I need to make myself a few variations of this in some cute prints for summer I think.

And just for us ladies, old blue eyes, swoon!!

Another cute cotton dress with a belt, this time with an interesting take on the sailor collar.

And finally what might be considered a shapeless blouse is made pretty by a belt and some lace gloves.

I really liked this film and it has given me some ideas for some sewing I would love to do.I am working pretty hard for the next month teaching at a summer school but cant wait to make some things when I am done!

I hope you all had a simply fab weekend in the sun!


Friday, 5 July 2013

Ice Cream

Ok guys so this weekend its going to be HOT, summer has finally arrived, 
its the Wimbledon final and if there was any weekend you wanted to try your hand at making ice cream, I think this may be the one.

And if you want something easy . . . . 32 Super Cool Popsicles

Enjoy your weekend guys!!!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Summer Style inspiration

Its finally arrived in the UK this weekend and I am feeling a bit taken by surprise!!
Never know what to wear when it gets warmer, I prefer the colder weather for fashion choices.
However these fashionable ladies are helping me feel more inspired:)

Hope you lovelies all had a awesome weekend!