Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Why didn't they ask Evans

I feel the summer slipping away from us this week.
And again I am caught talking about the weather on this blog!! 
I blame my nationality. English people cant help it, they really can't!
I realised I never shared these screen shots with you, from another Miss Marple - Why didn't they ask Evans.
The main heroine wears some delightful outfits :)  

I am busy at work on the Autumn Pink Sunshine collection, and will be sharing some of my inspiration with you all later this week! 
But until then happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. As do I Charis!! I have been a little bit addicted the last few months!

  2. Your right we certainly love to talk about the weather, its almost like breathing! Gosh these clothes are wonderful, that last dress is so simple yet really stunning! I don't think I've seen this episode I shall have to keep an eye out for it! x