Wednesday, 14 December 2011

It cannot fail to please

Something about this really resonated with me when I saw it yesterday, probably something to do with spending the afternoon pinning 'inspiration' to my little hearts content. But at the end of the day what was I left with was an obsessively organised pin folder and not much of anything else. No creation just inspiration. What's the use of all that inspiration if it doesn't actually lead somewhere? The amazing thing about the internet is the wealth of inspiration, but sadly that's also one of its downfalls, how easy it is to get sucked in and then not use it for its actual purpose, to help us create and grow. 
So today I decided to not get sucked in and actually work on one of my projects.

I treated myself to this book a couple of months ago and its absolutely glorious! I love vintage knits but could never be bothered to try and resize the vintage patterns, such a nightmare, but in this book all the hard work is done for you, joy!
 For my first make from the book I choose a pattern from Woman Weekly 1938.

It has a really beautiful leaf pattern running through it, and I decided to do it in a raspberry colour as I saw something similar worn with high waisted trousers in Anthroplogie.

Its the finest I have ever knitted before so it should keep me busy for a while, But its good I was craving a project that I could get my teeth into:) 
Happy Wednesday everyone!!

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