Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Knitspiration Vs Creation

I admit I have a bit of a problem. . . I spend countless hours every week looking at 'inspiration' on blogs and Pinterest. But does this inspiration ever actually produce anything? that's the big question. Does inspiration fulfil its purpose and turn into creation? 
I was asking myself this question a few weeks ago, and it made me evaluate a little bit, and thats why I have come up with this feature, hopefully to be a regular one :). Its mainly motivation  for me to get off my bum, as it where, and actually make something. 
So for my first ever Knitspiration Vs Creation I present. . . . the Ascot.

Inspiration :goodnightday and via grosgrain

I have loved the look of the Ascot for a long time. I looked for pattern about a year ago and didn't have any luck, and then last week out of the blue I stumbled across one Here!!! To say I was excited was a understatement, especially as I also had a big ball of Aran wool left over from my long cardigan project, perfect for a smaller stash busting project like this:)

I LOVE this pattern and think that I will need to make it in every colour! I wore it out this Sunday for a walk in the park and its just right for the slightly blustery spring week we are having.
Is there anything that you have been inspired by creatively recently?

Happy Tuesday:)

Ps. Cant get enough of Dry the rivers new album this week, and there is a awesome live version of Bible Belt Here :)

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