Sunday, 3 February 2013

Musical Sunday and Talented Friends

So I have some ridiculously talented friends. I would hate them if I didn't love them so much:)
 One such beauty is Jullyane. She is a very talented music photographer.
(Come over and see her Music blog Decibels and Dollars)
And she decided to foray into the world of Videos.
So with a few willing friends we shot a video for Alt-J Matilda.

It was amazing to see her vision for the story come together, very inspired by the Movie Leon, which the song is also based on. I cant stop watching it, this has to be my 20th time in 2 days!!

I am looking forward to not doing too much today, that's the joy of Sundays anyway.
I have some coursework I need to finish for the course I am doing for the next few months, but hope to start a new knitting project to help me not stress out to much about it! Gotta love stress knitting:)

What are you lovely people been up to this weekend?

1 comment:

  1. aww i love this song! Such a great video too, she's done a fab job!

    Hannah xx