Sunday, 17 February 2013

Favourite D-I-Y's

Sunday is a good day for making things. 
I tend to have Sundays as my chill day and always end up digging out some craft or other, today its knitting:)
But I thought I would share some of my favourite D-I-Y tutorials that are gracing the cyber space at the moment. 

This Bracelet- I love how simple this jewellery is and how cool it looks. Would love to try this with other tools. . . .can you imagine spanners hanging off a necklace??

This Kitten Bag is just adorable. Nuff said.

This garland- Is perfect for spring, which is just around the corner!! The sun is out today here in London so I am feeling decidedly spring like:)

This Scarf- I LOVE stars, bit of a constellation Geek too, so this scarf is awesome. I have been meaning to play with fabric printing for a while now and this looks like it shall be first on my list:)

Hope the rest of you lovelies are having a nice Sunday too, I'm off to have some food now as I'm starving and there is a smell of fry-up in the air:)

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