Thursday, 18 August 2011

Black apple

I just cannot believe the weather today, my days!!! So much for summer! And yes before you ask, it is true that English people speak about the weather more than a human should!! 
It has made me want to stay in bed all day today and indulge in a bit of window shopping! The Black Apple is one of my favourite Etsy shops. There is something quite magical about her prints, and they make me think of autumn, which is my favourite season:) I already own a Delia and her dancing bears print and am searching for the next to add to my collection! Which is your favourite? 


  1. I like the one of the girl in the mask.

  2. These prints are so cute! The one with the mask is my favorite, too!

  3. great post, i'll have to check out the store on etsy!
    ha i know what you mean about the much for great British summer time.

    thanks for your comments on my blog. i've just started following yours :)