Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Summer in the city - The 39 steps

I have had a lovely weekend with friends, spending time down by the Southbank, dancing at the beautiful (very hot!!) Rivoli Ballroom, eating a lot of food and then finally last night dressing up to go to the theatre to see The 39 Steps:)

It was such a joyful play. Its my favourite Hitchcock anyway, but as a play I think its even better. Only 4 people play all of the characters. . . . .with a very dapper gent playing Richard Hanney, light brown curly hair and a 'rather fetching pencil moustache' :)
It was fun to dress up as well, people don't dress up for the theatre enough in my opinion.

 Some nice wine in the interval:)

Ps. How amazing are my friend Mr G's trousers??? he out dressed us girls too easily for my liking:)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend? get up to much? 
Happy Tuesday everyone:)

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  1. Hello! It just dawned on me that I never thanked you for your comment on my blog - so sorry! And thank you! You guys look wonderful - I'm a huge Hitchcock fan also. Hope you're well x