Tuesday, 19 July 2011

News :)

So today I finally have a bit of time to process what has been my crazy life the last few weeks!! All good things though, but crazy!

So at the beginning of the year I was fortunate enough to go to Brazil for 3 months, it was incredible as you can imagine, the best experience of my life, it would take far too long to explain the things I saw, the beautiful people I met and the things I learnt. But I will say that a trip like that does make you reassess a lot of things. I knew when I got home that I couldn't go back to the way things had been and I needed some changes. It was a little frustrating for a while and it did make me feel restless, but I eventually narrowed it down to a change of job, that would be the ticket.

 I love crafts, and I am passionate about them, and its funny but I never thought that I would be able to translate that into actually making a living. . . . but then in the last few weeks fantastic things have happened that has led to me now teaching crafts for 2 different company's in west London, which has meant I can leave my current day job to focus on this amazingness!! As you can imagine I am VERY excited! I start in September so I'm sure you will be hearing about it on here until you will shout 'no more about the classes jess please'!!

In honour of the news I wanted to share a few of my favourite D-I-Ys from the blog universe.

This beautiful bag from ticktockvintage is so cute and a amazing up-cycle, I love being able to recycle old things, especially textiles!

This PandaPin from  A Common Thread is so cute! I love having something fun and small to knit to break up larger projects and this perfect :)

I know that Rachel from Smile and Wave made this Shot To Heart Arrow Garland for her daughters nursery but I cant resist the colours and fun of it, I want one for my room!

Last but not least is Aimee from Swellmayde. I love all of Aimees creations so please go and have a look at her gallery, so many beautiful things to make and be inspired by :)

With all of that loveliness I leave you now to go and drink tea and try and clean my room to a liveable state again!!


  1. hey! thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, dear!

    i adore ticktockvintage's diy as well, but all of these look amazing! i may just bookmark them...!

    have a beautiful day!
    x elanor

  2. diy are so fun! :) im helping with all that stuff for my friend's wedding and it's a blast! :)

    hey hey, i did a lookbook for my etsy a week or so ago and i think you'd really dig it. :) check it out on my blog!

  3. i love that panda face brooch!
    best. ever.

  4. Great ideas and lovely to see my grandma's sewing bow featured with what appears to be authentic vintage dust!!!!

  5. these are some great diys! i haven't seen that bag from swellmayde yet, but i love it!!!

  6. awww... i'm so humbled. thank you for the shoutout... means so much! and absolutely love all the other diys you've posted. thanks for sharing! :)

    take care, aimee

    diy blog: swellmayde

  7. What an awesome job! I'm studying education but eventually I want to specialise in teaching something artsy ... Teaching DIY craft must be so much fun! Congrats :) Your blog is lovely!