Monday, 4 July 2011


What is it about a box of embroidery thread that makes me so excited?! I imagine its the feeling that painters get when they look at their paint pallet. . . .a sense of expectation, of things yet to be created. And also its because the colours are so pretty!! As Brits we tend to be a bit scared of colour I think. Now I love a vintage tone as much as the next girl and there are times when a nothing but a little black dress will do, but I think sometimes we can get a bit in a rut with colour.
I was in Brazil at the beginning of the year and one of the things that really stood out to me ( apart from the HEAT!) was the vibrancy of colours, in décor and in fashion.

It made me really reassess my view of colour and how I could use it.
There are some amazing inspirational people with re-guard to colour, and I thought I would share my top 3 :):

1.Kaffe Fassett - The king of the last decade when it comes to using colour, here is man who is not afraid!!!! He said on a recent TV interview that we should be 'slobs with colour' in order to see how it works for us.

 2. Coury Combs from fancy tree house- I Love how Coury makes dressing colourfully still tasteful and fun!         Whenever I read her blog it makes me want to die all of my clothes!

3. Katie from colormekatie- Speaking of fun this girl has it in spades!!!! whenever I am feeling a little bit blue I look at Katies blog, and suddenly everything is right with the world!!

So this summer its my goal to:
1. Try and be a 'slob with colour' and use more colour in my crafts.
2. Try to be braver with colour in my wardrobe and experiment more with different combos.
3. Use colour to make myself and others happy!

I will let you know how I get on as 2011 rolls on :)

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