Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I've been dreaming. . .

I have been having a recurring daydream. . . . its not only ships, travel , moustaches and Eddie Redmayne who have also been traipsing through my brain this week. . . .but of the PERFECT gray wool skirt.

Kater's Skirt is case in point. I look at it and have such major envy, I think of the many things in my wardrobe that would love a new gray friend. 

Steve Alan Fall 2012 Via Calivintage

So the only solution in my head is to make this my next project. 
2012 I swore to myself would be my sewing year, this would be the year when I would (attempt to) make most of my clothes. But its been a bit of a crazy start to the year with making and designing Pink Sunshine S/S collection (on its way!!!:), and all my classes getting going again. I am determined though to get going and this looks do-able. I know I may be speaking too soon but this week I am heading down to my local fabric shop to grab some material and soon it will be mine. In a strictly non-creepy bond villain way. . . . mwahahahahaah:)
Hope everyone is having a joyful start to the week.


  1. Gorgeous. Now I need one too.

  2. What lovely skirts I can see why you want your of own! and I'm sure its going to look fabulous!