Friday, 3 February 2012

Nice things

So after posting about the lovely spring summer inspiration a few weeks ago the winter has finally arrived here in the UK! Honestly it is SOOOOOOOOOO cold today! So I am back to my winter layers:) 
I found this shop when I went to Spain a few years ago and fell in love, sadly they don't have any shops outside of Spain and Portugal but their lookbooks and inspiration is great.

Love the colours

I also want these ballet prints so bad. . . . . . . . Aren't they just beautiful?!
The thing I like about this brand is they understand that when we are going about our normal lives we want to be comfortable AND to look nice, not everyone balances the two as well as they do! All I want to do when the weather is cold is to wear thick tights and wool dresses, what is your cold weather uniform?

Happy Friday everyone!

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