Sunday, 25 November 2012

D-I-Y Studded shoes

So in the western world we are pretty spoilt for shops that sell things for ridiculous prices (Primark-I am talking about you). Now I am not going to go into the pros and cons of buying from these establishments from a ethical or ecological point of view today. I ,as much as the next girl , do love a bargain, and as my budget is quite low for clothes and shoes, I do have the odd splurge, spend 30 pounds and come home with 20 odd things:) 
The thing that I find I do quite a lot is try and customise the things I do buy and make them a bit more unique. Clothes this is quite easy, but when I was looking through my shoe box the other day I realised that I had about 4 pairs of ballet shoes and they all were pretty boring. This would not do. So I came up with this project, and thought I would share it with you all for Pink Sunshine's first ever

So for this easy D-I-Y you will need:

*Some Ballet pumps, the softer the material the easier it will be to put studs in them.
*Some of your chosen studs. I got mine off Ebay, there is quite a large choice so you can play around with different shapes if you want.
*Some flat nose pliers  I used my jewellery ones but I'm sure most people have some similar larger ones in their tool box:) 

1. So With your lovely studs (I got the pyramid ones) roughly lay out your design on your ballet pump.
Have a play round and when you get them how you want you are ready to start studding:)

2. I always start with the centre stud as I find its easier to get them straight then. Push the stud through the material of the shoe and then using your pliers bend the points under the inside of the shoe, making sure all sharp points are fully flat to the shoe. Then you wont get stabbed wearing them:)

3.Once you've done that carry on with the rest of the studs until you are happy with your design. I found that I had to bend the points slightly to get the studs to sit next to each other when I was pushing them through, but if you take your time you can make sure they all lay straight:)

Ta Da!

And there you have it:) A fast easy D-I-Y for your shoes.
I have to admit that I may become a little addicted to studding things, I cant seem to stop. . . . . .

Happy Sunday everyone:)
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  1. Love this! Great tutorial! I never think to customise my shoes, I don't know why as I am forever sticking/sewing things on to my clothes! Will certainly be giving this a go! xx

    1. Thanks Wendy:) I know its the first time I've customized shoes and its really good fun!! Will be trying out some more ides the next month or so:)