Monday, 13 May 2013

Sew Envy

The electronic world is not being kind to me today.
I had planned to do some editing work etc but my computer just does not want to play.
I think it may be a virus from downloading a load of old Hitchcock the other day,
just please dont tell my brother, He has a mild nervous breakdown whenever he has to clean off my computer!!
Anyway to help calm my frustration I have been on a Blog voyage, discovering new places to explore.
My sewing obsession is continuing and I actually made (pretty much finished:) my first skirt the other day! 
And I have discovered a few new sewing blogs in which to drool/enviously stare at:)

This girl is AMAZING, she puts the fun back into sewing. I LOVE her use of African prints 
(I may actually dig into my rather large stash I brought back from Ghana to make a skirt like hers:)

Pretty French lady and her cute simple clothes made for herself and her (Often twirling) daughter:)

Reanas choice of colour and fabric is really inspiring, 

I love Zoes Vintage inspired dresses.

Last but not least its The Closet Case Files. Yes I cant believe I haven't stumbled across this Blog before.
This Girl makes me laugh so much! Her sewing is fun and she has the most enviable sewing room ever:

Plus she is from Montreal, the land of the cool people.
Nuff said:)

I have to go and make tea now to sustain myself through the rest of my Blog travels.
Hope you all had a marvellous weekend and
Happy Monday!!

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