Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Innocent Smoothie Big Knit

I LOVE Innocent smoothies, they are tasty and every year they get involved in the craft world for their Big Knit. I think they can explain it better than I can:

"As many as 24,000 older people die needlessly because of the cold every winter. Many others spend the time lonely and isolated, unable to heat their homes and struggling to get out and about.
So ten years ago we had an idea. We asked some older people, and some younger people, to knit little woolly hats. We put those hats on our smoothies, and for each one sold we made a donation to Age UK.

how the big knit helps

For each behatted smoothie bottle we sell, we give 25p to Age UK to spend on things like hot water bottles, blankets, hot meals and social gatherings. Many older people also knit hats themselves through knitting groups organised by Age UK. The impact of the knitting groups is incredible and for some, they're a real lifeline."
Come over to the website to see how you can join in, but hurry as all hats need to be sent in by the 31st of October!!
A couple of my favourite designs that I am going to try while I am away are:

Join and make a difference for the grannies and grandads out there:)

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