Thursday, 3 October 2013



So I have been almost bursting with excitement all this week because in t-minus 4 days I am off adventuring!!!!!
After waiting for what seems like an age, I am going on a 3 week trip to the other side of the pond.
4 of us are going to the states to meet up with a couple of friends to then do a bit of a road trip of California, New York and Montreal:)

As I have said on this Blog before I have a bit of an addiction to travelling.
The excitement of seeing new places, and almost as importantly meeting new people, and experiencing other cultures is what in my opinion makes life great.
One of the things that was really making me excited about this trip in particular is I have been looking at the lovely Katie Louise Ford photos of her road trip around america.
They are so inspiring, and part of me wishes I looked like her:)

So I am off now to try and contain my excitement.
Happy Thursday everyone!!

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