Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bank holiday Frivolitys

I Love Bank Holidays!! There is no doubt about it, and as a British citizen we get a fair few!! Thanks to good old Kate and Wills we had 2 back to back 4 day weekends, and you cant have that without some fun. Namely:

Trying to be 'Cultured'. . . .ie wandering around nodding and going 'umm'

Seeing friends after a long separation :)

The Heath on a sunny spring day!

Rose Lemonade = Amazing!!

English Seaside

Trips into London

I feel a little bit philosophical when I look at these photos. . . . there really is nothing better than being with friends enjoying the great outdoors. Sorry that's enough now I promise.
The photography exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery was really good, Hoppe has some amazing shots of normal people in the street, he often went out with a camera hidden in his jacket so that he could capture people more informally. I definitely recommend if you are in London at any point this month!

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