Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bank Holiday Part 2

I Love Tea. There really is no finer drink in all the world. When you are happy or sad tea is with you through it all. . .  . . . so imagine my excitement when I found a delightful Tea shop right near me?! I have lived in West London for over 2 years now and I had never seen this place before! 

Ingenious Idea! 

My Tea was a beauty. Cant remember exactly what flavour, but it had rose in it, pretty rosebuds.
I love roses almost as much as I love tea, at the moment they are flowering all over the place and I cant help but stop whenever I pass a particularly lovely rose bush and take a smell. It always amazes me the variety of colours you see, but I think my favourite is the crimson red. And on our way home from aforementioned tea shop was a fine example.

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