Thursday, 19 May 2011

Vintage Jewellery Classes

I had my first Vintage Jewellery making class a few weeks ago, which I enjoyed IMMENSELY! I unfortunetly don't have any photos due to my running around  having fun and helping some lovely lady's make pretty things, but I promise to be better in the future! Its such a fun class, and also you go away with a beautiful re-worked vintage item that you made yourself and can carry on its history :)
I Made It Myself Are holding two more classes over the next few months in Chiswick, West London, so have a look and we would love to see you if you can make any of them!!

Jewellery Making

Make sure you have a look at the website as they have some awesome contempory craft classes! I am thinking of signing myself up for the Tea Cup Candle class :)

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  1. Tea cup candles are so cute! What a fun idea :)