Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Paris. . .  we had an awesome time! Our apartment we rented was right in the centre, not too far from the red light district (!) but we were so close to everything that we strolled round, most of the time in beautiful sunshine!
My Top 5:
  1. Musee D'orsay - Stunning art in a beautiful building. . . .it was fun to see all the famous paintings that you see all the time in real life!
  2. The Parks - I do appreciate a good park! Almost everyday we had picnics in the parks, they have chairs scattered everywhere perfect places to sit eat and people watch. also the bandstands and carousels have to have an honourable mention :)
  3. Amelie Cafe - I love the film so was very excited to go to the Cafe where she worked in the film, Cafe des 2 moulins. We had a tea, played picture games and pretended to be French.
  4. The passages - All around where we were staying were old shopping arcades called the passages, they were really pretty. Passage Verdeau was my favourite, especially the old children's bookshop, Tin Tin as far as your eyes could see.
  5. The hot chocolate - Honestly I have never had hot choc like it, so thick and creamy. YUM!! Makes my mouth water just to think of it!

We came home on the Eurostar on Thursday night with a bottle of wine to try and carry on the illusion we were sophisticated French people. . . .then promptly had a cup of tea when we got home. . . . some things never die!!!


  1. Bonjour! What beautiful shots sweetie of the area and lovely people too! Naomi manages to take on the persona of any country she visits!! I love the three 'Jess dresses'! <3

  2. Those are lovely photos, and it sounds like you had an amazing time in Paris! I'd love to go there one day:) xx

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I last went to Paris two years ago now. I had been before but this was the first time I had been as an adult and we had such a wonderful time. I love it there!xx

  4. looks like you had an awesome time! love these pictures, I want to go and visit Paris again soon. New York first maybe



  5. So lovely! I've been to Paris very briefly (for one night) and I can't wait to go back for a longer visit one day ♥