Friday, 11 November 2011


Downton I miss you.
Here in the uk the second series has just finished and we are going to have to wait till Christmas for our next fix. I am not going to give any spoilers, but rather celebrate the fashion. I have a bit of an obsession at the moment with clothes from the early 1900's , how much fun must the costume designer have with all the beautiful detailing, especially in the evening gowns.

I really loved Ediths working outfits this series, I would like a pair of those boots and the mac please:)

Its so lovely to see clothes that are beautifully made and not covering only a tiny part of your body! Sorry to sound like a prude but seeing these clothes reminded me that you don't have to be immodest to look gorgeous.The attention to detail make them, I think this winter I am going to try and channel some of Downton in my own way = hats, lace and bead detailing plus the colours :)
Seriously I was born in the wrong era!

Happy friday everyone!!!


  1. Aren't the clothes terrific! I love what sybil wears! She can do no wrong in my eyes, she is a goddess O_O!

    The final was glorious wasn't it?! I keep getting excited for sunday then remembering it is no longer on :( i miss it so! xx

  2. I've never seen it but by the looks of these pics it's totally my type of TV. I might have to rent the DVDs and watch the entire season over one weekend...

  3. You Must watch it luli!! Start at the beginning and I swear you will be hooked:)