Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Hour for Glorious clothes

You know how most people take there fashion inspiration from celebrity's or the catwalk. . . . not me, I get most of my inspiration from particular lady's on the big and small screen, fictional characters often. 
 Romola Garai is one such lady. I've loved her ever since I capture the castle, which if you haven't seen you must at some point over this winter, its delightful. This past year though she has been in not one but TWO things that have filled me with clothes envy: The Hour and Glorious.

The Hour, set in a 50's TV studio, is all about wiggle dresses, swing jackets and classy accessories. And an awesome story line and dialogue as well obviously! I also have a massive crush on Ben Winshaw in this as well :) So good news all round, I really want to get this on DVD soon. 

Glorious is a bit earlier in fashion history being set just before the war, the story is intruging and very atmospheric. Romola's outfits are gorgeous - suits, tea dresses, and berets. I want to find the perfect silver brooch to go in my beret. I really am trying to wear more hats this winter and this is perfect for those lazy bad hair days.

Do you have any favourite Tv shows or films that you watch for the clothes?

Happy Thursday everyone :)

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