Friday, 18 November 2011

Sewing sos

Want this machine!!!!

I for a little while (with the help of my lovely Nanna!) have been trying to learn how to sew. . . . .In my mind are lovely dresses and capes ready to be made, often a little over ambitious! I go into the fabric shops and can spend hours felling, looking and even smelling, but often leave without buying anything, a little overwhelmed. I made my first proper dress
I have been able to find a wealth of help over the beloved internet:)

My pattern with my first dress

Other inspirational Blogs: CaseyCrochetie and Gertie

I have started a Pinterest. . . . .why have I never done this before??? No more will I have hundred of folders clogging up my bookmarks, now I have the perfect online scrapbook to store all my sewing inspiration.


Have you taught yourself to sew? what were your best tips?

Happy Friday!!


  1. brilliant post! i love sewing, it's such a brilliant thing to be able to do. love that sewing machine too! it's adorable


  2. That sewing machine O_O!

    Im a self taught sewer, (well with the ocasional helping hand from my grandma and the brain of the internet!) i did used to do lots of sewing and crafting but lately my interest has waned and i am too lazy to attempt anything more than re-hemming O_o. I have made a promise to get off my bum soon and attempt to sew again though! My brain has been to left to rot of late but i am trying to resolve this aha.