Sunday, 29 January 2012

I have, I am , I will

I love reading. My childhood hero was Matilda because I thought I was just like her (minus magical powers and horrible parents:) 
For a while though I had a spell of reading rubbish, books that I couldn't even be bothered to finish. So I decided to do some research and buy some that hopefully I would love and become part of my life. 
This is a chronicle of what I have so far read, what I am reading, and what I will read.

I Have : I devoured these books over the December holidays, I actually had to make myself put them down and be sociable, and I haven't read books that made me do that in ages. I read them because I wanted to know what all the fuss was about, and before the film comes out this year, and I wasn't disappointed. 
I am now trying to persuade all my friends to read them so I have people to talk obsessively about them:)

I Am: Currently reading The Book Thief and its another one I think will stay with me for a long time. Its so beautifully written about a emotional subject, of Germany in the 2nd world war, and yet for all the times it made me sad it made me smile as well. I REALLY recommend this book if you haven't already read it.

I Will: I bought 2 Kazuo Ishiguro books because I had never read any of his work. I saw Never let me go about  month ago and wanted to read another one of his books so I bought this one and Noctures. This is next on my list after Book Thief, its got quite good reviews and from the back looks completely different to Never let me go so I am looking forward to trying it:)

What are you reading at the moment? 
Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Hi Jess! I am reading The Book Thief as well. Spellbindingly well written...