Thursday, 7 March 2013

Happy World book day!!!


I love books.
Always have done, my mum used to come up to my room when I was young, worried that she hadn't seen me for hours and I would be sat with my nose in a book, occupied for hours in other worlds. 

I always thought that it wouldn't happen to me, I wouldn't be one of those people that grew up and didn't have time to read any more. But here we are, at the grand old age of 24 and I find it hard nowadays to find the time to sit like I used to and get lost in a good book.

But the thing is that times are changing, kids now are lost in the world of apple and technology. They don't seem to want to read any more. So World Book Day to the rescue, with loads of kids books on special offer and library's (remember those??) doing book related fun stuff.

So today is a day to remember how reading made you feel when you were a kid, that you could travel anywhere, do anything, helped by your literary best friends, in my case Matilda, Anne and Jo March.

What where your favourite books when you were young? do you still make time to read now?
Happy World Book Day everyone:)


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