Wednesday, 3 April 2013


On of the things I really wanted to try and do this year was to see some more of my local area.
Now in London its not like there's a lack of things to see, but sometimes I just cant be bothered to get on the Tube and to take an hour to travel into town.
But even local to me in West London there are plenty of things to see. 
In Ealing, My neighbourhood, there is a old Manor house that now houses a museum and art gallery.
So after wanting to check it out for a long time I finally went a few weeks ago with my beautiful friend Izzy:)

 (LOVE my new coat that I found on Ebay:)

Is there anywhere interesting in your area you have been meaning to visit?
Maybe that can be a plan in April:)
Happy Wednesday!!


  1. aww love the coat! I've not been visiting anywhere lately.. I've not been very well over the easter weekend so was stuck in the house :(

    Hannah xx

    1. Poor you Hannah! Hope you are well now! I'm hoping to explore more now the weather is getting a bit better.
      Jess x