Sunday, 21 April 2013


When I was on the Emerald Isle last week my friend Annie and I drove into the lovely countryside to visit the Avoca Mill.

Most of you probably know my love/obsession with interesting crafts,
and hand weaving has just been added to that list.
The wool, the beautiful colours and patterns, its my paradise.

One of the brilliant things about the mill is you can just wander round while they are working!!
Its awesome to see where everything is made and you can even go back into the mill and find the person who made the rug/scarf/bag/wrap that you just bought and ask them to sign it for you:)
The Mill has been running since the early 1700s, providing work for the small village, but it wasn't until the Wynn sisters took over in the 1920s that the crafters became so well recognized.
From designers such as Schiaparelli to the Queen people worldwide fell in love with the signature bright colours and beautiful handmade designs.

I am a little bit in love with the whole place and secretly wish that one day they will ring me up and offer me a job where I can just go and play with all the pretty wools and colours:)

I have been having fun this week sorting out the photos for some new Pink Sunshine pieces inspired by Ghana. Its taken me a while, but the jewellery should be up in the shop by the end of this week finally!!!
So keep your eyes peeled for that and hope you are having a lovely weekend:)


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    1. Thanks so much Charmeuse:) Glad you enjoyed looking at them, it really is a beautiful interesting place!
      Jess x