Friday, 14 June 2013

Vintage Blogs

I'm sure you all know my love of vintage. 
Its a funny thing really when you think about it, how its become a bit of a buzz word, everything has to be VINTAGE. 
Which is fine, really, but for me that's not what its about. 
I love the clothes, how they fit and make me feel.
I love the music, the dancing.
I love how it was a simpler time, which some days I really crave.

There are some Bloggers who really fit how I feel about the whole thing, so here's my post to them.
 My fashion inspiration:)

Whoever loves a good cape as much as I do is a winner:)

This lady manages to dress vintage and still look like she belongs in 2013, such pretty hats too!!

Katie has the most beautiful photos, and styles her clothes beautifully. Plus her pictures of her and her mans road trip around America have fuelled ideas for my next trip:)

Johanna is just awesome, I want her wardrobe and vast collection of scarves and hats, does this girl know how to dress it up! 

I hope you all have marvellous weekends planned!! 
Happy Friday

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