Thursday, 8 September 2011

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

Autumn is my favourite season, it makes me feel like a fresh start, a time to try out new things. . . .and buy stationary. .. .. . hmm anyway I digress. I am a list maker, always have been, always will be. Whether its things I must do, or goals I set myself, if it goes down in writing it sorts my head out a bit :)
I always find that especially in autumn I get inspired to try new things, especially crafts wise. So here for your perusal are some of the things I have found inspiring recently and the new season goals.

All screen shots found Here

  • Get Sewing!!!! I made my very first dress this summer and I would love to carry on the momentum.I am a little addicted to 40s styleing at the moment, the hats, the skirts and the knits in particular. So I think I will be trying Caseys Circle Skirt sew along :) And then try to move up to making that mid length pencil skirt I have been dreaming about!!

  • Speaking of Knits I have so many projects in mind but I would love to try a vintage pattern, maybe this one, or this is so cute, imagine in a mustard yellow or forest green :)

  • Start doing some embroidery, I really love the old folk styles and think that this is the winter when I bring some to my wardrobe:) 
What are your new season goals? Do you have things that are on your list to create to make the cold weather fly by?!


  1. Oh honey!! :) Your images and ideas are SO inspirational! I love the sound of your summer dress - and if you did knit a delicious 1940's cardigan, then that would no doubt look fantastic with it. How dreamy to wear an outfit that you entirely created yourself! I know that that is definitely one of my 'to-do things'! The best thing I find about having a list is the satisfaction of crossing one of the items off. In my head I say, "check", followed by a rather smug head bob! xxx

  2. Oh Jess. I'm just like you. I have to make lists. It helps me meet my goals. I can't fall asleep unless I've written down all the to do things for the next day. This Fall I plan on taking a drawing class, a quilting class and a few more sewing classes. I also want to get back into making more cards!! I took a break from crafts this summer, so I have a lot of catch up. Cheers!! x

  3. I just love that picture of the two girls on the fence. It's a good reminder that Autumn doesn't have to mean buttoned up, or be any less free and fun than summer!

  4. Thanks guys for comments:) I always feel inspired to pick up my crafts in autumn as well Luli! Quilting is something that I would love to get round to eventually, let me know how it goes!! And I also love this photo emily, makes me smile everytime I see it:)

    Jess x