Monday, 5 September 2011

Hello Dears, Sorry about the quietness the last week or so, I have been away with friends enjoying the last week of summer :) Good time was had by all (photos to follow) and now on a Monday morning I am trying to get my head around getting back to reality, always the bad thing about going away!
Oh well. . . . .. September always feels like a fresh start to me somehow so I am excited about that.I always seem to get very proactive in September, making goals and To Do lists :) In fact I will be sharing some with you lovely people soon and I have some good posts waiting to be set free into cyberspace! But today I thought I would share this amazing picture I found via Busy Bee Lauren. It really reminded me of my friends and I , we always say that we are old people in disguise :) 
Happy Monday everyone!!


  1. so, which are we? Hipsters or old people?

  2. Depends on the day I guess! mostly old people me thinks. . . . :)

  3. Hahaha fantastic. I didn't think I was a hipster, but I can tick all the boxes... Maybe I'm just old:)