Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I Love Edinburgh because:

Beautiful Buildings

They really are majestic, and there is a real feel of space, lovely :) 


A really cool area of town, its the old part that used to be full of dodgy people but is now the home to numerous art, book and vintage shops = JOY :)

The Writers Museum

Down a tiny alley is a small courtyard with paving stones quoting famous Scottish prose next to a gorgeous little old house with rooms dedicated to Walter Scott, Robert Burns and our personal favourite Robert Louis Stevenson. 

'' When I suffer in mind, stories are my refuge, I take them like opium, and consider one who writes them as a sort of doctor of the mind. And frankly it is not Shakespeare we take to , when we are in a hot corner, It is Charles Reade or old Dumas or the best of Walter Scott. . . .we want incident, action : to the devil with your philosophy '' - Robert Louis Stevenson


Some of the best, with these lovely people, cant help but have fun :) Nuff said! 

One last photo of me playing guard at the palace:) We had a really fun few days, ate too much, bought some nice things and got some culture! I feel like we have said good bye to the summer now, I saw some conkers today for the first time, sure sign autumn is upon us! I do love this season especially the fashion, bring on the tights and jackets!!!! 
Hope you are all having a fun day dears:)


  1. That last picture of you is so fun. I love the UK, but have never visited Scotland.

  2. Oh I miss Scotland! I used to live in Glasgow, and went to Edingburgh quite often. Both are such good cities. So different and so good in their own ways. I need to order my ticket soon!!