Friday, 23 September 2011

This week I have been. . . .


I tend to have 2 or 3 books on the go at one given time, Patience was never really my virtue. At the moment its Chinese historic novel and a travel/ecological/diary of David Byrne. I love books about china, have done since I was a kid, cant resist if I see one:) And the bicycle diarys is interesting, made me want to ride my bike round citys of the world. what are you reading at the moment? 


I fell in love with these nail colours and although I am a bit low on cash at the moment I had to have all 3!


I love sending letters, this week a lucky someone is going to receive a John Lennon postcard with googly eyes stuck on . . . .

Ahh Camden!The joy of having a lot of guests over this summer has been taking them all to my favourite places, Camden being one of them. Very nearly ran off with that lovely dress, but too small sadly. 


Finally went to see the long awaited film version of Jane Eyre. . . .I liked it, but I think if you are a fan of the book and BBC version then you will always think that 2 hours is not enough. There were a lot of loose ends never tied up and it all seemed a bit fast to me. That said the cast were very good and believable, the chemistry between Jane and Rochester was awesome as well, so all in all I was a happy bunny!


Dry the river, My new favourite band! My brother saw them live a couple of months ago and liked them so much a group of us went again to the scala on Tuesday. Such a beautiful gig, they have a spine tingling sound and are such nice lads.The gig was sold out and I think they were amazed at how packed it was :) One to watch!

How has your week been? Up to much?
 Jess x


  1. I felt the same about Jane Eyre, but I still liked it. So which nail polish colour are you wearing at the moment?

  2. I'm favouring the beige but they are all lovely! Barry M really does nice colours, not too pricey either! x