Friday, 22 June 2012

Jersey Shore

So a few weeks ago I went with my family the Jersey, in the Channel islands. 
It was a nostalgia trip for my granddad really as he grew up on Jersey, through probably the toughest times, during the German occupation in WW2. He doesn't really talk about it a lot and hadn't been back in over 30 years so it was a special trip for him, and for us grankids, who had never been before.

Obligatory squishy face photo:)

 Me and my Ma:)

The boys!

The Jersey war tunnels were an interesting visit, it was built as a underground hospital but was never finished before the end of the war. Now it is a museum about the occupation. 

But the best thing about the trip was being by the sea, I love the sea and always feel more calm and recharged after a visit:) Hence my dream of living in a lighthouse one day!
Hope you guys have all had a great week and have a awesome weekend planned, mine will hopefully include some Caribbean food and a Sunday brunch:)
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. oh my, you have the cutest dimples, you should smile all the time :)

  2. *Blush*!! Thank you, you are so sweet:)