Friday, 1 June 2012

Mad May

I have had a bit of a mental month. . . all good but just a bit crazy:) These are photos from a couple of fun things I have done this month!!

Four of us went of to the Trozy in Hackney to see Future Cinemas Bugsy Malone. Its an amazing extravaganza in the style of the film. I have honestly never been to anything like this before and it was awesome. Actors wondered the old theatre, done out like it was Fat Sams speak easy, all dressed up. Tallula performed her famous song and gangstas went round recruiting people for Fat Sam or Dandy Dan. And then if that wasn't enough the big screen come down and the film began. Whilst the film was on certain scenes were also acted out around us
It all culminated in plates full of foam being handed round to each table just before the big fight scene and with a roar everyone joined in with the biggest foam fight I have ever had!!!! Honestly it was such a cool night and I wish I took more photos, especially of the actors all dressed up. But if you live in London and ever have the chance and want to do something fun I HIGHLY recommend Future Cinema.
(cool video Here to show you what its like:)

 Half Moon Run

 (love my brothers!)

 Jake Bugg

Next up was the Great Escape festival in Brighton. 29 bands in three days, 3 huge blisters and a lost voice later it was such a good weekend!! It is the leading festival for new music in Europe and again I would massively recommend it.

 Rae Morris

 Skinny Lister

My Top 3 performances:
Retro Stefson (big old party!)

(Massive shout out to We are augustines too who finished off the weekend for me with such a buzzing show!!)

So yeah its been a pretty awesome month. I am going away to Jersey next week with my family and I cant wait to have a bit of a breather and spend some time by the sea:) 
Have a great bank holiday weekend and I will see you guys on the other side!

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  1. Wow what a busy time you had, but totally fabulous!

    The Bugsy Malone showing looks like a ton of fun, and the Great Escape must have been wonderful too, it certainly looks like you had lovely weather for it (I was sad but now I'm really glad I'm not going to the I.O.W festival this year, as the weather is going to be atrocious) and losing your voice is definitely a sign of having a great time:) xx