Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Summer style

Its funny isn't it when you look at some of your favourite style inspiration and realise that a lot of them have a common theme.
For instance my style folder at the moment seems to have a lot of:

Half/cap sleeve,gathered skirt,dresses

I also am loving bright colourful prints, especially Polka Dots, . . . .plus its such a fun word to say. . .polka. . .poolllka. . . polllllkkkkkka :)

Mid length skirts, pleated or button down

All image original credits on my Pinterest

I think my brain is trying to tell me something very important. . . that I need these in my summer wardrobe, for when the sun comes out (ha ha ha!). 
So when I get a few spare moments in my unusually hectic life, I plan to whip up (love how that makes me sound so competent!!) one of each. We will see how that goes, and if they get done before winter:)
What are you loving style-wise at the moment? 
If you have a Pinterest and love it as much as I do please pop a link in the comments as I love to find new people to follow!


  1. aww i love these shape dresses too!

    fabulous photos


  2. pretty dresses <3 :)

    Btw new follower here, I'd love if you follow back <3