Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Madame Gres

I was reading this really interesting Vanity Fair  article the other day, all about Couture and the fear that it will die out. I find the golden age of Couture fascinating, and amongst the familiar names, Chanel and Dior, came one I had never heard of before - Madame Gres.
Originally trained as a sculptor she moved into fashion and designed beautiful fitting clothes.

'Grés' draped and pleated silk jerseys flattered the body with the minimalist and rationalist radicalism of 1930s design, but provided a classical serenity as well.
Never was a Grés garment, whether revealing or concealing, less than enchanting. The slight asymmetry of a wrap determined by one dart, the fall of a suit button to a seaming line, or the wrap of a draped dress to a torque of shaping through the torso, was an invention and an enchantment in Grés' inventive sculptural vocabulary.'' - *

As can be seen by these beautiful illustrations:

All image credits found on my Pinterest

I especially love the second dress-coat, If only I could recreate such a garment:)

Hope you are all having a fun week and Happy Wednesday to all!!


  1. There's some more pics on the V&A website, I think - I've pinned one on my Pinterest x

  2. Here you go...

  3. Thanks Kate, I will have a gander:)