Friday, 21 October 2011

Behind the scenes at the Quangle Wangle Quee :)

I went to visit my dear friends Emily, Naomi and Josie last weekend :) 
 Emily and Naomi own a sweet little vintage shop called The Quangle Wangle Quee which I love, they have the cutest stock and have such a great eye for vintage items! They really kindly let me shoot the Pink Sunshine look-book there, and Josie (my gorgeous model) and I had so much fun messing around with all the goodies :)

LOVE the record + shoe display

Naomis amazing fireplace library, 

I love the sea and on the Monday before I left we went for a windy stroll down the front. I love getting out into the country, out of the city. As amazing as London is, I feel like I need to get out and breath fresh air every now and again. I am going to be in brick lane selling tomorrow with the girls of  TQWQ on a stall, its my first time and I am sewing like a crazy person today!! Hope it all goes well :)

Have a Simply LOVELY weekend:) what are you up to?

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