Friday, 14 October 2011

Pink Sunshine Crafts A/W collection

I am very happy to announce that the Pink Sunshine A/W collection is now available in the Shop!!!!! :)

The collection consists of two felt brooches and two headbands, with more on the way next week:)
I have been really influenced by folk style for a while now and really wanted to bring that kind of feel to this winter collection. Its the first time I have designed pieces with each other in mind and I hope it shows! 
So I would like to introduce you too :

At the edge of the deep green wood lives the Bear. His name is not of our language, but needless to say he is wise and has been the guardian of the forest for many years.

A beautiful handmade brooch,take a bit of the forest with you wherever you go :) perfect to accessories your bag, coat or outfit!! 

Dala Horse:

The Dala Horse, symbol of freedom and tradition. I really love Scandinavian Folk tales and was heavily influenced by them for my A/W Collection. 

A perfect accessory for your bag, coat and outfit. This way you can take nature with you wherever you go :)

This has my favourite colour combo of the moment, Rose and Forest green :)

When looking at Folk Inspiration I began to see that Turquoise and red was my favourite colour combination. It brings to mind a Russian maiden picking flowers in the forest :)

A beautiful felt handmade headband with two black ribbon ties so you can tie in a bow at the back of the head. 

A lovely bright folk Navajo inspired headband, perfect for this seasons trends!!

A beautiful handmade headband with Plaited leather ties so you can tie in a bow at the back of the head.

So there you have it, The first ever Pink Sunshine Collection :)

Let me know what you think and be sure to keep tuned this weekend for a look-book  :)  and some more pieces next week!!!!

Hope you are having a fabulous Friday!!!

Jess x

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