Wednesday, 5 October 2011

There is only one perfect view, that of the sky over our heads

So yesterday I had a lovely day off. . . .It was bliss, I slept in, read, ate and watched films.
In fact I watched A room with a view over breakfast, pretty great combination actually.
 I had never realised how old it was . . . made 5 years before I was born!!!!! But soooooooooooooo beautiful. . . . . . .

Italy. . . . .The clothes. .. . . Helena's hair. . . . . . . . . 

I'm really not sure if you could get a more beautiful feeling film, one that reminds you of all the wonderful things in the world, you know? 

Do you have a film you always watch when you need picking up?

Jess x 


  1. My favourite film!!! You've made me want to watch it again with all of your gorgeous photos!! I love to watch "A Month by the Lake" with Vanessa Redgrave - funnily enough - also set in Italy too! :)

  2. Lovely photos, I shure need to watch that movie :)

  3. Room with a view is fantasseltastic :)

    I also love to watch Dead Poets' Society. Inspiring. Love the blog. x